Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Bidding a Fond Farewell ...

It has been nearly five years since TWR was launched. Initially, this blog served as the de facto blog of the National Interest; chronicled events being held at the magazine and at The Nixon Center; and posted items of interest from meetings held around Washington.

As I have settled in to my teaching position at the U.S. Naval War College, however, I have begun to blog far less and in more irregular increments. Now that The National Interest has relaunched its website, with new features and content, and a revamped magazine blog--meaning that TWR is no longer serving as the core blog of the magazine--I do not plan to maintain this site.

I will continue my weekly column at World Politics Review [WPR will return from its summer hiatus the week of August 30] and continue to be a guest blogger at other sites, notably at Global Security.

I thank readers of TWR for their comments and participation in this blog!

I've always enjoyed reading what you have to say.

Good luck in the future!

Anne Zook
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