Monday, June 14, 2010

Border Changes: Not Just for the Balkans

Could Western Europe see a revision of existing boundaries, depending on what happens in Belgium following the elections? The strong showing of the New Flemish Alliance raises the possibility that Belgium might, over time, break apart, particularly because there is no longer a strategic need for a neutral state to separate Germany and France.

Could we end up with a new state of Flanders? And what would happen then to Wallonia?

Found this part of the report in the Christian Science Monitor interesting:

Recent polls in France show two out of every three members of the French public would agree to absorb Wallonia as part of France. Meanwhile, a recent survey in Flanders by the Luxembourg broadcasting group RTL found that 32 percent want independence immediately, 17 percent would accept a "confederation" with Wallonia that is independence in all but name, and 25 percent want greater autonomy in Belgium.

Or would a bi-zonal, bi-communal federation work?

It's not just in eastern Europe that these questions need to be asked.

Why doesn't Italy return Tyrol back to Austria?

They never cosidered themselves Italians, attended German schools and Universities in Austria and live in a Germanic world.
Interesting points. In a EU where more power flows upwards to Brussels, how much do the central governments of nation-states matter if the rest of the power flows down to the regions?

Of course Spain will resist this trend ...
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