Friday, April 02, 2010

Iraq, Serbia, Russia (terrorism)

Democracy in Iraq (or "Iraqcracy") may not be leading to the types of strategic outcomes Washington wants ... depending on how the political dust settles. Some of the issues explored in today's column at WPR. Depending on how things shake out, does it validate the thesis that Ray Takeyh and I advanced seven long years ago in Orbis--about the problems of simultaneously advancing democracy and promoting security interests in the region?

The Serbian parliament adopts an apology for the killings at Srebrenica in 1995. In comparison with the ocntinued reluctance of other governments in the greater Black Sea/Balkans region to ever admit anything bad, a major accomplishment. Recognize it for the step that it represents towards reconciliation--and remember, the Franco-German rapprochement was not accomplished in a day either.

Time to review Russia's counter-insurgency strategy--empowering local elites and factions to keep order on your behalf in the north Caucasus? Are the recent attacks a signal of desperation or that Moscow's attempts to keep the lid on the pressure cooker are running into problems?

Comments and thoughts on these topics welcome.

Russia will lose everything and find its place in the hell!!!
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