Friday, March 26, 2010

Things I'm Reading ...

Our Friend Pakistan, by James Cook.

Necessity Knows No Law, by Stephen F. Knott. Did Abraham Lincoln engage in some domestic covert operations to influence elections to bolster the Union cause?

South Asia and the Middle East: Regional Solutions vs. Choosing Sides, by Judah Grunstein. Ties back to some of the themes in Jim Cook's piece, but also the diplomatic logic driving diplomacy in both regions.

Indeed, for the US, necessity knows no law, and it has been thus for a very long time. The Dubya Administration's innovation was "Our momentary whims know no law."

This is why Dubya and Deadeye Dick and Condi sounded so funny back in mid-August 2008, bleating about how countries don't invade other countries when they tangled with a -real- man.
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