Friday, March 05, 2010

Shaping Multipolarity

How much is the United States doing to shape the emerging new global order, as opposed to simply reacting to events? I worry that it is too much the latter ...

Waht does US want from the world?
To have unquestioned military, economic, and political dominance over every single bit of it, like we had in the 1990s, When All Was Right With The World.

Hence the refusal to take multipolarity seriously. Major, deep denial issues there.

I see. Like GM until the last moment - still living in the world of Sloane.

Well, then that is an impossibility, is it not? I mean the world has changed and US and her strategic environment with it.

Certainly US cannot be a great military power, a great economic power, and, at the same time, protect her citizens against the vagaries of the World economic competition. One of the 3 has to give.

Which one though?
Well, the M-I Complex is still doing very well. So are the banksters. And there's been economic growth and rising productivity!

Job destruction continues...
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