Thursday, October 15, 2009

Don't Understand the Logic

Jeffrey Goldberg and Marty Peretz are both angry with the administration that cancelling missile defense in Poland and the Czech Republic didn't win Russian support for greater pressure on Iran.

Why would it? We said missile defense wouldn't work, the technology wasn't there, the plan was a boondogle. We were pretty public about these comments. Why did we think they wouldn't be heard in Moscow? (Psst ... the new administration doesn't want to spend money on a system they don't think works). So why should any rational actor say, You stopped work on something you said wouldn't work, now we are supposed to give you something substantial in return? A working, deployed system is another thing--but that's not what we had in place. And no one should be surprised at the reaction.

It is like what you said before: the DC crowd is used to a cost-free foreign policy.
Um, thy both blindly hate the Russians and can't stand the concept of a Russian government that dosen't unquestioningly submit to our will??
One thing puzzles me. If the recently cancelled land-based missile system was in fact an unworkable waste of money, why did the Russians press for its removal?
Although problematical in its successful implementation, there was still the chance that it could succeed. Hence, the Russian objection.

Among others, Jeffrey Goldberg and Martin Peretz don't impress as being particularly consistent when it comes to understanding and acknowledging the legitimate interests of nations.
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