Monday, May 11, 2009

Everyone Loves Multilateralism

Noting that the pirate craze on American media has ebbed once again, I proposed this past Friday the creation of an analog to the Proliferation Security Initiative, the Piracy Security Initiative.

But why should the U.S. take the lead? This seems a perfect task for one of our key allies--perhaps the U.K. along with Japan--to provide both the naval assets as well as the finanical leverage--and then to work with the key maritime powers to put this PSI-2 into effect-perhaps leveraging our ties with Cyprus, which helped to take the lead on the original PSI.

Very good question. Why is it that the U.S. continues to be the world's police department? We are so often expected to take the lead in protecting others, always at great expense to the American taxpayer. In addition, we are also expected to carry the rest of the world via humanitarian aid. How many times can they come to the well?
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