Monday, December 15, 2008

What Now for Republicans?

Is the GOP headed for a "civil war" within its ranks over foreign policy? How will the foreign policy of George W. Bush be assessed? Colin Dueckfires the latest salvo, in defense of conservative realism being a better fit with a "traditional Republican emphases on limited government, constitutionalism, low taxes, and limited spending at home." Perhaps not surprisingly, some of those identified with greater interventionism abroad want a larger role for government at home--so it does seem that there is a case to be made that one's views on domestic policies will influence foreign policy as well.

Forget about Foreign Polciy; what about Domestic Policy?

On the one hand, they truly bail-out their friends on Wall Street but decline to loan money to US manufacturer's in the interior of US

They have become a regional party of Whiet Southern racists.
What institutional structures exist to support conservative realists? I'm not talking about "realism" as a theoretical approach to IR within academic political science, but the outlook policymakers, journalists, and the educated observer would consider realist. Metternich's phrase about seeing the world as it is rather than as we wish it to be gives a convenient shorthand for realism. The problem is that very few institutions provide support or even a perch for realists. Part of this is an outlet to publish work, but also a career track and financial support for research. If think-tanks, foundations and government are dominated by liberal internationalists and neconservatives, what place is there for realists. Besides, of course, the National Interest, Naval War College, and academic departments outside political science.

It's a serious question to answer for understanding what prospects realists have for influencing debate.
Will, it also depends whether Republicans on the Hill decide to hire staff in foreign policy that reflect realist points of view; in other words could you get a realist Republican Study Group, staff on the foreign relations committee, etc.
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