Tuesday, November 04, 2008

President Obama's Challenge (and Sarkozy's Opportunity?)

Expectations around the world are highas to what a President Obama would do. Managing those expectations--and the likely inevitable disappointment--is going to be a challenge for his foreign policy team.

What is of interest to me is the possible role of French president Sarkozy in working with Obama. Sarkozy was the first foreign leader to reach Obama and congratuate him (if the BBC breaking news ticker is to be trusted). Sarkozy has already shown his diplomatic finesse with the Russians; could he be trying to position himself--and France--as the new transatlantic interlocutor? This bears watching.

Well, the Pope is aware of the problem of unmet expectations. Pope Benedict XVI's spokesman Reverend Federico Lombardi said: "All of us are hoping that Obama will be able to meet the expectations and hopes directed at him."
Nick, Mary Dejevsky's column in the Indepedent raises many of the same questions: Will Europe get the America it wants?
Indian Muslims don't have high hopes about Obama either.
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