Friday, November 28, 2008

Maritime Security from Somalia to India

Via the Washington Post, the December 2006 report of the Mumbai Intelligence Bureau about the maritime security deficit. (It is believed that the attackers, said to be linked to Lashkar-e Taiba, came via sea after hijacking a vessel):

--In the first phase, they are being given swimming lessons. In the second
phase, they are being trained to handle large boats, laying of mines in
coastal zones and planting of explosives under dams, bridges, ships etc.

--In the third and final phase, they are being taught navigational
techniques, rescue operations, surveillance methods, concealment of
explosives and underwater attack on enemy's coastal targets/vessels.

The Post says that the letter estimated that some 500 to 600 Lashkar-e Taiba recruits had been trained in these operations and, as the article noted, "were planning to infiltrate into the coastlines and island territories disguised as fishermen."

So it does suggest that at some point there could be overlap between pirates and terrorists ...

Hi Nikolas,

Thank you for regularly sharing your insights. I am a fan. Anyway i stumbled upon this article in Russian press about piracy along the coast of Somalia.

Best wishes, Joera
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