Monday, November 24, 2008

India Consultations on Piracy

The Hindureports in today's edition that India is holding talks with Russia and Japan about a joint anti-piracy mission in the Indian Ocean. What I found interesting was one of the driving reasons: "India is averse to joining a fleet other than a U.N.-mandated operation" and does not want to have its efforts subordinated to NATO.

Despite its warming ties with the United States, India does not appear at all interested in foreclosing any of its other security options. India already seems open to working more closely with Russia in combating piracy. War games are now scheduled in January 2009, the fourth installment of the INDRA series. Interestingly, the report cited above maintains that a key goal of the exercise will be to train in destroying an aircraft carrier (no nationality of the carrier is assigned, but TWR readers can easily determine the two potential candidates from the Indian and Russian perspectives).

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