Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Belt-Tightening in Our Future?

Over at Real Clear World, Greg Scoblete takes a look at my recent NI online column and concludes, "There's little indication that either candidate would be committed to the kind of repositioning Gvosdev suggests." As he notes, "Barack Obama has proclaimed that 'the security of the American people is inextricably linked to the security of all people.' McCain, meanwhile, is surrounded by the 'benevolent global hegemony' set."

Belt-tightening caused by the financial crisis might cause "the next administration to reluctantly share some of the burdens. But it would be a move born of dire necessity, not prudent forethought."

Or what may happen is that promises made will be promises unfulfilled. Perhaps more of the Georgian aid package announced before the markets went south will be reconfigured as loans, or redirected domestically--that is to say, it is money that Georgia can spend in the U.S. (say for equipment or services).

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