Thursday, October 09, 2008

And Now For a Word From Beijing ...

My colleague here at the Naval War College, Kathleen Walsh, passed along an op-ed written by People's Daily desk editor Huang Qing, about the current state of Russo-American relations.

What is interesting is the conclusion--and I think one could just as easily substitute "China" for "Russia". Essentially, the argument is simple: if the U.S. respects the "red lines" of the other major powers, it is "still possible for both sides to seek their rooms of interest under the given rules of the game, so that their bilateral ties could return to the relatively relaxed and healthy tracks."

A Russian diplomat told me in the mid of 90s: “Americans treat you with respect in two cases - when they need you or if they are afraid of you.” (Saudi Arabia or Pakistan could serve as good examples.)

Russians have lost any hope that the U.S. would treat them as partners voluntarily. So, being part of European culture and having no desire to stick with China as a strategic partner (unless it’s completely unavoidable due to American foolishness), they are forcing cooperation. Military exercises with Venezuela, for example, serve this purpose only.
Very well pointed out.
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