Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Georgia Events (Self-Promotion)

For those TWR readers who are interested, I'll be taking part in two events that deal with issues arising from the events in Georgia. On Friday, September 26, I'll be a discussant on a panel convened at the U.S. Institute of Peace in Washington, DC; and then on Monday, September 29, at a forum at the Watson Institute at Brown University in Providence, RI. Both are public events and I believe both will probably post transcripts of the discussions.

Some of the themes I am trying to develop: Cyprus as model for how Europe can reconcile a de jure recognition of Georgian territorial integrity/sovereignty with a de facto acceptance of the situation on the ground; how Kosovo and now Ossetia/Abkhazia sends a signal to states like China, India, Indonesia, South Africa and others (the rising south and east) that preserving Westphalian norms is a matter of top national interest (meaning further resistance to new humanitarian norms--see my last post as well).

I hope you will speak for the REAL victims of the war, the Ossetian and Abkhaz people who are not respected by de Georgian ethnic nationalistic government as human beings with their own cultural heritage since 1990. I hope you will also explain that the attack from Georgia on South Ossetia has nothing to do with a war but with the second genocide attempt from Georgians on Ossetians. I also hope you will explain that South Ossetians can Georgians could have lived in one country together in peace if it wasn't for the fascistic and ethnic nationalistic Georgian regime.

Please explain that Russia is the only country that can guarantee a calm caucasus there it is Russia that has the most experience in dealing with the different cultures living in the caucasus.

You are free to use my blog if you want. I reported on several incidents between Georgia and South Ossetia that were never covered in the press and that might throw a different light on the situation for the still blind western and especially US world.

Thank you in advance and good luck.
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