Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Or Not Time to Clean Up Yet ... And back to 1815

One of the problems with trying to blog about an event in real time is that events have a way of changing. So there is a declared cease-fire but fighting is still ongoing, and the Russian Foreign Ministry seems to have interpreted the cease-fire requirements to mean that until Georgian troops return to barracks, not simply pull back, that operations will continue. But I do think that things will sputter out in a few days, although I could be wrong--readers of TWR following my blog posts of the fighting can see earlier predictions not validated by subsequent events.

Simon Jenkins made the following bold claim in today's Guardian, about where the international order is heading. It is certainly a thesis that needs to be debated.

I retain an archaic belief that the old UN principle of non-interference, coupled with a realpolitik acceptance of "great power" spheres of influence, is still a roughly stable basis for international relations. It may on occasions be qualified by soft-power diplomacy and humanitarian relief. It may demand an abstinence from kneejerk gestures in favour of leaving things to sort themselves out (as in Zimbabwe). But liberal interventionism, especially when it leads to military and economic aggression, means one costly adventure after another - and usually failure.

Hat tip: Atlantic Community.

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