Monday, August 18, 2008

Mixed Signals on Russia

So while the U.S. and Europe debate what steps to take to censure or punish Russia, other states are moving ahead with business as usual. Just to note. The eighth meeting of the India-Russia intergovernmental commission, for instance, occurred right on schedule this past Monday, with “the world’s largest democracy” discussing matters such as licensing India to produce the T-90 tank as well as plans for a jointly-produced fifth generation fighter plane.

Don't think there's going to be an "international community" response or even a "response of the democracies"--interests will trump rhetoric in the end. Nor do I see evidence that U.S. companies are going to follow the line of the pundits. Tom LaSorda, v.p. of Chrysler, says things seem to be on track for Chrysler to pursue partnership opportunities with Russian automakers, for instance.

Ali Ettefagh's comment on the WaPo site sums it up: Russia Positions Itself as Global Economic Player
Yup. Russian "soft power" in action.

And you were sayin' they didn't have any...

Again, the Russians remain open to relationships where the benefits are mutual and power is shared.

They will no longer be bullied, swindled, or talked down to.
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