Monday, August 11, 2008

Georgia Appeals to Beijing

One of the stories that just came up on my desktop was a report about the visit of the Georgian ambassador in Beijing to the Chinese Foreign Ministry with a request for the PRC to use its influence to bring an end to the fighting in the Caucasus.

Apparently the Georgians appealed to China's sentiments about defending sovereignty and territorial integrity.

It helps that Georgia has never recognized Kosovo's independence, even despite strong pressure from its Western allies, so it can make the case in Beijing that Tbilisi does have a consistent position on the issue.

It is also interesting to note that, having come up short in terms of help from the U.S. and Europe, the decision was made to make an appeal to the Chinese.

but isn't that they only place they have left for hope for military assistance?
It's interesting to consider that the U.S. in supporting Georgia has de facto endorsed the Chinese position that Beijing has the right to use force to reunify the country, while Russia's intervention on behalf of South Ossetia is the justification that the U.S. would need in order to defend Taiwan. Go figure.
Makes sense, actually. The US-UK, etc have shot their credibility with the Russians, and the Georgians finally understand that. So they appeal to a government that the Russians understand isn't out to screw them over every chance they get.

Saak's finally found a clue!
Very good point indeed Mr Gvosdev.

In fact another analyst predicted the exact same thing.

Oleg Kobtzeff said on France 24 that the P.R.C. would eventually profit from all these intra-West squabbles.
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