Friday, July 11, 2008

The Young Realists?

One of the subjects of the discussion at today's magazine forum "New Divides on the Right?" was the question of where the "young realists" are and why the "older generation" did not do more to cultivate them.

After pondering a bit, I wonder if it is because most of the "older realists" came out of business--and came to some form of "realism" not through academic study but found it out of a pragmatism that was based in real world experience. Perhaps the assumption was that newer generations of business figures with international experience would continue to serve as a recruiting ground for senior appointments and that those who came out of business--where there are real world consequences for failures, like losses--would continue the "realist tradition."

It's because the "old realists" are working in the business world and are more interested in making money than actually cultivating the "next generation." Only when the world is completely messed up by neoconservatives and wilsonians (and it effects old realist's wallets) that they'll realize how short-sighted their decision was.
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