Monday, July 28, 2008

Further on the Future of the India Nuclear Deal

Last week, after Prime Minister Singh's government survived the no-confidence vote, Umesh Patil noted that the ball nows shifts back to the U.S. and specifically to Congress:

"In fact with the aura of staking his government for this Accord and then by winning it; it now becomes imperative for American leaders to make all the necessary arrangements to pass this bill."

I wondered last week whether Iran will continue to be the "spoiler" in U.S.-India relations; Nitin Pai over at The Acorn responds directly, "it doesn't have to be."

The bombings in India reinforced the feeling that there are common threats to both the U.S. and India but the ease in which that news was superceded by events in Iraq also shows there might not be the attention span needed, especially in what is both a lame-duck Congress and a lame-duck Presidency to focus on getting this process completed. And if it is pushed back beyond January 2009, what might happen?

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