Monday, June 09, 2008

The Moving Target of the Beijing Olympics

In some ways, the essay I published in the June 2, 2008 issue of the American Conservative has been overtaken once again by events. At the time it was written, Tibet had emerged as the central issue of the Beijing Olympic games. But, not surprisingly, once Tibet went off the headlines and the torch "went away", the focus shifted, yet again. First it was general human rights, then it was Burma, then it was Sudan, then it become Tibet. Now, as with this essay as an example, environmental and climate change issues are taking center stage--although there was also calls made to return the focus to the fate of Chinese dissidents.

Will be interested in reactions to my sense that the president made his bargain with Beijing on the Olympics last year, as well as whether or not the government ought to let American civil society take up such issues.

Get POTUS to the Olympics - this has become an issue of White people against the Chinese. The US-EU civil society is insulting the Chinese people.

Your post clearly indicates that EU-US are looking for an excuse to humiliate China and beat her over the head.

This is stupid; you need a statesman to come out and cut through all this rubbish.
That's right. And if only China would stop growing so Americans can have their dollar a gallon gas!
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