Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Robert Taft Society presentation: Some Links

When I made my presentation at the Robert Taft Society on Monday, there was some incredulity among some members of the audience to my points that democratically-elected European leaders have a difference of opinion with the U.S. mainstream about Russia. That there is a real debate about Russia, the best way to engage, and, just as importantly, an ongoing process of economic integration that builds up the basis for pro-Russian business lobbies.

So, for those interested, some links to back up what I asserted;

President Klaus of the Czech Republic, why Putin's Russia is not the Soviet Union

President Sarkozy calling to congratulate President Putin on the results of the December 2007 elections (Note also the justification in relation to improving France's economy)

A related story: why Total is positive on Russia.

Finally, John Vincour's column on the ongoing debate in Europe about Russia and why the views of Senators McCain and Clintons on Russia might not be well received.

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