Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Global NATO Once Again

Over at Outside the Beltway, James Joyner gives a rundown on Rupert Murdoch's endorsement of expanding NATO to becoming a global alliance defined by shared values. The initial post, and the debate it is engendering, is worth reading.

One thing that I keep missing, however. Polling data or evidence that Japan, Australia or any other country envisioned as being part of Global NATO actually WANTS TO JOIN. I'll admit, I don't follow the Australian press religiously, but I haven't seen any sign that most Australians are clamoring to become part of the Alliance or to transform it.

Perhaps this doesn't matter; after all, the opinion polls showing most Ukrainians are right now opposed to or highly ambivalent about NATO membership are deemed to be irrelevant. But given that a new global NATO would impose burdens on these states that at present they don't have--after all, a flip side for Australia's participation in coalitions of the willing is that when it is NOT willing it is not bound to act--one would assume that there should be pretty large majorities that span the political spectrum in each of these states about the need, benefits and desirability of joining such an alliance.

The worse outcome, of course, would be for the U.S. to propose these measures and then to have no takers ...

Who is the enemy or potential enemy?

Indonesia? China? Russia?

A Global NATO will be concieved by many states as an attempt by a group of states (mostly Whites and Honorary Whites) to achieve military hegemony of the planet. This nascent Planetary Shogunate will be resisted with tooth and nail. Trying to create it will not improve global security - it will lead to global insecurity.

And then, again, who is going to pay for all of this global military might?
And most countries in Asia and Africa--even the big democracies--aren't going to sign up for this.
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