Monday, March 31, 2008

Listen To Conservatives on Foreign Policy

For those who argue that a League of Democracies is indeed a viable plan, I urge you to read some past articles in TNI. "The India Imperative" by Robert Blackwill (summer 2005). Blackwill feels that a strong, interest- and yes even values-based relationship is possible between New Delhi and Washington--but also points to what the limitations would be when it comes to Iran and China.

Or go back to David Rivkin and Lee Casey writing in A House Divided back in 2002. They look at problems in the U.S.-Europe relationship (this is pre-Iraq war, by the way) and note:

"The flair-up of these tensions is not a manifestation of random or issue-specific trans-Atlantic disputes. Rather, it is emblematic of the long-term fundamental disagreements between the United States and our European allies over a broad range of major policy issues. The fact that these disagreements have not been muted by an emergence of a new common strategic threat--terrorist groups seeking the destruction of Western civilization--demonstrates the width and depth of the intra-alliance rift."

No one can accuse Blackwill, Rivkin or Casey of being part of some anti-American leftist cabal. So perhaps their assessments about what we can expect from other states that happen to be democracies might be useful in helping to craft viable policies?

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