Monday, March 17, 2008

The "Gates Commitment" on Missile Defense?

“When we see flight testing that leads us to believe the Iranians are close to developing a capability to hit our allies in Europe, that would be the point at which we would operationalize the sites," Defense Secretary Robert Gates has just said about the proposed missile defense system that would be deployed in Eastern Europe. This reiterates a point he had made in Prague last year--and perhaps may serve as the basis for a formal agreement or understanding between Moscow and Washington that could reduce tensions. Gates and the Secretary of State are currently in Moscow for talks with the outgoing and incoming Russian presidents, to ensure continuity in the U.S.-Russia relationship.

It's an idiotic argument Gates makes. Nobody in Europe ever asked to be "protected" from Iranian missiles.
No one is asking you because we Americans don't think you can be trusted with your own defense.
But you want us to "do more" in Afghanistan and complain that we let you down in Iraq. Great. And then veto any proposal that the missile shield should be a NATO project.
This is not about Iran, she has nothing to do with this.

If it were about Iran, would it not have been cheaper (financially, politically, diplomatically) to settle with them?
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There will be no "formal agreement or understanding between Moscow and Washington ". Moscow will need a enemy to focus it's pupulation on so as to justify it return back to it's former glory. The United States will again fill that roll.

The crys of national security along with the control of information coupled with the masterfully stroking of the flames of fear, any leadership can lead it's population down the desired path. But it is always much easier of a task if the leadership can focus the pupulation's attention on one cause, one enemy...
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