Monday, February 04, 2008

Chad: Another Blow to a "European" Foreign Policy?

In years past, a government in Chad knew that, if push came to shove, Paris would be there--with military aid as necessary--to shore up the state's foundations.

But then, in order to make the EUROFOR deployed on Chad's border with Sudan--and meant to help ease the humanitarian crisis created by the fighting in Darfur--credible in the eyes of other European states--who did not want to deploy forces but then end up serving France's specific interests in maintaining "its guys" in N'Djamena--Paris had to pledge neutrality. EUROFOR is the largest EU military force deployed anywhere and so, if the EU is serious about being credible as a security provider, EUROFOR needs to work. The question is whether Paris is prepared to sacrifice the D├ęby government in Chad.

Well, that and Kosovo.
Nik, update today--France can use the UN call for all states to support the government of Chad as basis for giving military help to Idriss Cheby's government.
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