Friday, December 14, 2007

My Last Post on Kosovo

The Secretary of State has spoken. " ... the fact of the matter is Kosovo and Serbia are never going to be one again, and that's the reality ... there isn't any more point to further negotiation."

Fine. So now let's be ready for all of the" day after" consequences. Change of status does not turn Kosovo into a peaceful multiethnic harmonious democracy. As East Timor has discovered, independence does not bring automatic prosperity.

Things may go well--or they may go poorly. But this time there are no excuses about "we couldn't have known" or "we never foresaw" the difficulties and challenges that lie ahead.

Love the EU summit. We might send a force. We might accelerate Serbian entry to the EU. We might recognize independence. Nothing like clear and decisive language.
This is beginning of the end for EU. Same mistake as Austro Hungaria did. History repeats itself. Serbia can not be forced taking in consideration Russian support. Why EU pushed to the end? Does it looks like self-destruction? Soon the trouble will start! Wait and see.
The EU pushed it to the end because the US Government was leaning heavily on their major governments.

Of course, the US government wants the EU destroyed, and the Russians infuriated, so Kosovo is a twofer!
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