Tuesday, December 18, 2007

ANC Leadership Vote and "League of Democracies"

Jacob Zuma won his bid to become president of the African National Congress, meaning that he is the likely 2009 ANC nominee for the South African presidency--and, given the ANC's dominance of the political landscape, the next president of South Africa. It is hard, looking at his background that he would align South Africa with any Washington-led "League of Democracies."

Instead, following the analysis of Christian E. Rieck from the Konrad Adenauer Stiftung, what might end up happening would be the formation not of a U.S.-led league but some sort of community of "southern" democracies--which might include India and South Africa and others--a new non-aligned movement.

Funny how those who are big proponents of this idea never want to deal with actual real democracies and democratic outcomes ....
May God save South Africa from this thug.
'It only takes an honest man to remain silent for evil to triumph' and in the words of Ben Jonson, for new ANC president Jacob Zuma, and his supporters (and newly acclaimed Most Popular ANC Member, convicted Winnie Mandela), "To be made honest by an act of parliament". Will this hasten South Africa in becoming another Zimbabwe? Democracy ... Morals ... Integrity?
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