Thursday, October 18, 2007

I Have A Secret Plan?

Several days ago, on Al-Jazeera, I ventured the opinion that Vladimir Putin, during his visit to Iran, might try to square the circle--in essence, eschew the use of force to pressure Tehran but also present Russia as the negotiator who could present a solution to the Iran nuclear question and demonstrate that both Washington's approach but also that of the EU-3 had failed.

Now, the New York Times reports:

Russia’s president, Vladimir V. Putin, proposed a new way to help resolve the standoff over Iran’s nuclear program during an extraordinary meeting with Iran’s supreme leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, said the country’s chief nuclear negotiator on Wednesday.

The negotiator, Ali Larijani, told reporters that Mr. Putin, who was granted an audience with Ayatollah Khamenei on Tuesday evening, “offered a special proposal.” Neither the Iranians nor the Russians would disclose any details, but Mr. Larijani said the Iranian side was studying it.

“One of the issues he brought up was his view on the nuclear issue,” Mr. Larijani said, according to the ISNA news agency. “We are reviewing it now.”

State-run television and news agencies quoted Ayatollah Khamenei as telling Mr. Putin, “We will think about what you said and about your proposal,” even as he added that Iran was “determined to provide our country’s need for nuclear energy.”

Curve ball on missile defense earlier this year. A likely Kosovo compromise proposal to be floated, perhaps with Nicolas Sarkozy (assuming he is not distracted by his divorce) and spearheaded by the EU Kosovo negotiator, and now an Iran proposal?

Orthodox church has much apology to make in Western World:
protocommunist massacres by Palamite Zealotes under Hesychast
hyperventilatory halucinations, Cantacuzene taxation driving farmers
to embrace Turks, Komyakoviac Obshchina giving birth to soviet
communism as reactionary casuistry opposing Napoleon's
defeudalization, Cosmus Aitalius being patron originator of of modern
genocide as seen by the massacre of Turks in Crete by Venizelos. Is
all masochistic because reject Original Sin.
The significance of the Russian proposal to Iran depends on what it is. Have there been any indications as to its content?
Brother, you are right. The Greeks are sending Catholic jobs to India to avenge Serbia. Sarbanes, like Gorbachev, is an archon. Archons are the Greek Politburo, officially "The Knights of St Andrew of the Oecumenical Patriarchate" ( They are a worst conspiracy than, or
Is must be student of history and listen to Virgin of Fatima ( and of Medjugordje and be part of and fight such evil with
It is true that the British and Papal forces are locked in
struggle. But it is also important to realise who their partners are,
even if the partnership have cracks. The British are aligned with the
Jewish, Byzantine and Hindu forces. The Papal forces are aligned
with the Islamic and Confucian forces.

Cromwell brought back Britain's Jews and made them loyal to the
British agenda. America's Puritans were also aligned with the Jews.
Disraeli made Israel part of the British agenda. Jefferson and
Franklin were instructed by a Greek named Paradise how to write the
Constituion and set up universities loyal to the Greek agenda.
Byzantines have a politburo called "Archons" to which even Gorbachev
belongs. The Byzantine forces have control over Russia as well as the
old Alexandrian hegemonies of Egypt and Syria. This is why Greek
shippers control Arab and Russian oil. Greek shippers shipped slaves
to America which were captured by Arabs and their African allies.
Greek-born British Prince Philip has reverted to Orthodox Christianity
in his old-age. All the money in India is in Orthodox Christian,
Zorastrian or Jewish hands. As the USA is moving towards a Papal
majority, the British hegemony is moving jobs to India, which is more
likely to be aligned with British interests.

The Papacy always had good ties to Islam, not just because of
abortion. The Papacy has always used Islam and Confucianism against
their enemies. Marco Polo reopened ties to China, which they saw as a
counterforce to Byzantium and Russia. Even when Muhammad was alive,
the Papacy wanted to use Islam to destabilize Byzantium. The Pope
opposed any action against Saddam because Tariq Aziz was a Papal
Chaldean. Hitler was a Papal altar boy and was aligned with Islam and
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