Friday, October 12, 2007

... But Putin Could Snatch Defeat From the Jaws of Victory

That is, if Russia decides to continue its belligerence about withdrawing from treaties. Europeans tend to like the secure feeling that comes from having a whole host of treaties defining the architecture of Europe.

Russia's pride may force it to take steps that at present its security does not demand. Is deploying a battalion of tanks in Pskov really going to do anything to make Russia more secure? Russia could make the complaints it has but still abide by the treaties for now, and keep some semblance of the high ground.

If the primary headlines after the Rice/Gates visit to Moscow focus on shared Russian/American intransigence, then this makes it easier for Merkel and Sarkozy to "apportion the blame".

The present European security structure resulted from a number of Soviet/Russian concessions. The have een reciprocated only in trivial aspects. If Europe wants to preserve a security structure that is so favorable to it, they would be wise to stop the incessant insults and demands directed at Moscow.
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