Sunday, September 23, 2007

Two Responses: NATO and 1975

James Poulos comments on the growing negative reaction to the Giuliani proposal to transform NATO into a global alliance. Meanwhile, Christoph Schwegmann responds to my essay over the Atlantic Community. I reply (in part) that "So far, I can’t find any evidence of countries in the Asia-Pacific region that American politicians have identified as being part of a Global NATO showing much interest in the project. Most of them—Japan, South Korea or Australia, for instance, already have a bilateral security guarantee with the United States that I believe they would prefer to retain rather than rely on a more ambiguous Article 5 guarantee from a cluster of states."

Devin Stewart asks whether we are repeating history in his post Is it 1975?? I think that there are some elements but that in contrast to 1975 when we gave ground to another superpower bent on global hegemony what is happening now is that other powers are looking to create a greater degree of breathing room from the United States.

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