Thursday, August 16, 2007

Oh Yes ... The Guiliani and Edwards campaign speeches

Most of the foreign policy blogosphere devoted its attention this week to the advance release of the next two foreign policy campaing speeches in Foreign Affairs (from John Edwards and Rudy Guiliani). (Visit and get some initial comments and links via Dan Drezner.)

TWR spent much of its week looking at developments in Central Asia, which of course got little to no coverage in the U.S. media. I happened to feel that what transpired in Peace Mission 2007 and at the summit in Bishkek was more important for the future of U.S. foreign policy than re-reading a list of cliches from candidates.

It is beyond me why candidates seem unable to process two realities of the international system today, that the U.S. is and remains the predominant power of the world but that our share is not as great as it was ten years ago and that costs for us to act unilaterally are going up.

The forthcoming issue of TNI has a contribution from former Secretary of State James Baker who I think takes down quite effectively Rudy Guiliani's dismissal of the realist approach--more on that in later posts.

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