Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Get Ready for the Twisted Logic

So the Senate voted on whether to BRING TO A VOTE the measure that would call for the U.S. to withdraw troops from Iraq. This would close debate rather than be a final vote on the proposal itself.

Predictably, the four Democratic presidential contenders in the Senate--Chris Dodd, Joe Biden, Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama--voted in favor; their two Republican counterparts voted against (Sam Brownback and John McCain).

This is another one of these wonderful procedural votes that can mean anything depending on how you choose to interpret it. Hillary Clinton, still not completely embraced by the antiwar left of her party, now can say she supported the measure--but of course she did not have to cast a vote on the measure itself. The Republicans, of course, can say that they simply wanted to "keep talking" and give the president's surge "more time" but should things continue to get worse down the line they can say they weren't opposed to the idea of withdrawal but just voting on a parliamentary measure.

It will be interesting to compare and contrast the differing interpretations of today's vote in the months to come.

"Hillary Clinton, still not completely embraced by the antiwar left of her party..."

That seems to be putting it mildly!

I liked the all night Senate talkathon, in any case - especially the cots and bedding. Can't say those MoveOn folks ain't got no clout!
Both parties are full of sh*t when it comes to this stuff. democrats yell and scream end the war etc but don't have the guts to push the votes. republicans say world is going to end if we don't fight them terrorists in iraq and iran but can't seem to commit to full scale invasion and occupation of both places. so ahmadinejad is hitler going to blow up the world but hey the best way to get him is to broadcast more soap operas. wonderful. this is how to run things?
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