Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Humanitarian Internationalism?

Greetings to readers of TWR, I am currently on my way to London for the trans-Atlantic editors' roundtable (after my sojourn in the Balkans last week).

I just wanted to call your attention to the Bush Administration's decision to impose new sanctions on Sudan, as well as calls for a unilateral recognition of Kosovo's independence should the Security Council fail to act.

Is the groundwork being laid for a new effort to bypass the United Nations, but in a way that might appeal to some Europeans as well, among them France's new foreign minister Kouchner? I'll try to take the pulse at this gathering in Britain.

Yet another disconnect among the leaders, the voters, and Reality.

In the States, large tracts of urban settlements are unsafe, certain populations are essentially written off by local and national governments, and jobs are sold abroad to fund entitlements. How can such a state of affairs be continued domestically and, at the same time, funds be allocated to boy-scout adventures abroad? Are these leaders plain daft?
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