Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yeltsin as U.S. Grant

CBS News has picked up my National Review column on Boris Yeltsin comparing him with Ulysses Grant, a hero whose reputation was tarnished by a less than successful presidency. Dimitri Simes also shares some of his recollections of his encounters with Yeltsin.

Nick, think this quote sums it up:

Marina Shetakova, a student who came to view Mr Yeltsin's body, told Reuters: "My mum thought Yeltsin was great because he gave us democracy. My dad hates him because he thinks he ruined a great country. I came here to have a last chance to see this man."
Said by a French and on a different occasion, but I am tempted to use: Mr. Symes missed a great opportunity to keep silent. The accurate lists of sins of the deceased in Western newspapers are also rather disgusting.
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