Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Rumors of War, Continued

Earlier this week, I quoted Ian Bremmer who observed:

Perceptions in Iran of hostile intent are far greater than generally understood in the West. A Russian journalist wrote several weeks ago about something called "Operation Bite," a well-detailed (and completely imaginary) planned U.S. attack against Iranian nuclear and military facilities, to take place during the low news cycle of Easter weekend.

This is a story that refuses to die. Yesterday, the Kuwaiti newspaper As-Siyasa, citing “unnamed” Washington-based sources, ran a report that the United States is contemplating missile strikes against Iran later this month.

Wishful thinking? Saber-rattling? A reminder to Iran that the U.S. can choose to strike on its own without waiting for an international coalition to develop? Or is this an effort by foreign sources to try and warn Washington off from attempting an attack?

Now Reuters is picking up the original Russian reproting and while not suggesting an attack is imminent noting that the US now has sufficient force to carry out such an attack.
Can the United States afford the cost of indefinite military presence in the Persian Gulf?

If not, for how long can US maintain that presence?

In 1970 UK left the Persian Gulf since she could no longer afford to maintain here presence - will US be under similar financial pressures?

Has there been actual estimate of cost of war against Iran - projected to last several years?
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