Thursday, April 19, 2007

More on the poll ...

58 percent of Chinese believe that the United States does not take their interests into account at all or very much when formulating its foreign policy; 66 percent of Russians concur with that stance. Interestingly enough the figures in India also show that the U.S.-India rapprochement has not yet begun to pay dividends in public opinion, as 46 percent of Indians also hold this view.

The democracy thesis doesn’t quite hold up either. In the past issue of The National Interest, Paul Saunder’s provocative essay “Learning to Love France” made the point that democratic states do not automatically align themselves with U.S. interests simply because of shared forms of government. In response to the question, “Can you trust the United States to act responsibly in the world”, democratic ally Argentina’s population gave a resounding no (84 percent saying not at all or not very much); non-democratic China at 59 percent; democratic France and fellow NATO ally 72 percent; democratic India 52 percent; democratic Korea 53 percent; Thailand (perhaps a faltering democracy?) 56 percent; democratic Peru 80 percent; and Russia 73 percent. In contrast, states that have strong alignment of interests with the United States—the Philippines, Israel, and Poland, gave generally positive responses to that query.

Nick, unrelated to this particular post, but liked your NI online post today--great to resurrect the "Commie Nazis" reference. Are you going to put a link to McBain too?
Look, poll data is one thing, what the US needs to do in the world another. The mark of a leader is its ability to get the job done. Is there going to be a fifth poll done--and I doubt it will show that any other country in the world is going to be trusted more than the US to keep order around the world.
It warms my heart that the rest of the world still holds some hope, confidence and trust in America returning to some semblance of sanity.

All Americans need to do remedy our low standing and loss of credibility globally, - is to set about the immediate and complete defanging, and dethroning of the fascist warmongers, profiteers, and pathological liars in the Bush government.

"Deliver us from evil!"
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