Monday, April 30, 2007

Kosovo's Western Front

Some thoughts about the Western Sahara vote in the Security Council today (at National Interest online) and whether this has any tie-in with Kosovo.

"Belgrade – Serbian Prime Minister Vojislav Kostunica said today that the concept of monitored autonomy presented by the Serbian government is a real compromise which excludes all extreme options, and unlike monitored independence, it does not violate, but is in accordance with the UN Charter and the Serbian Constitution.

In a statement to the news agency Tanjug, Kostunica stressed that Serbia is completely willing to take major steps in finding a good and viable solution for Kosovo-Metohija and due to that it has forwarded the plan for monitored autonomy for the province.

According to Kostunica, in Serbia’s proposal, monitored autonomy implies that on one hand ethnic-Albanians will be able to determine their future and realise their interests in the province, and on the other hand, Serbia will retain her territorial integrity and sovereignty in accordance with the UN Charter."

Hmm, sounds like what the Moroccans were offering ...
Well, Ambassador Johan Verbeke is declaring that there are no hard deadlines to resolve Kosovo status, so perhaps some sort of delay is in the works.
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