Wednesday, March 07, 2007

India and Terrorism, Safronov and Putin

Two unrelated items. Thanks to Ilan Berman and the American Foreign Policy Council for a luncheon invitation to spend some quality small group time with Commodore C. Uday Bhaskar, a senior fellow at India's Institute for Defense Studies and Analyses. I am going to try and get him to write something for TNI in one of its forms, but very impressed by what he had to say about terrorism (the limits of the military solution, the need for a combined political-military approach, the need for the long-term view, starting from the perspective of managing the problem, then shrinking it away, rather than a more simplistic desire for "victory", and so on.)

My initial thoughts on what the death of Kommersant journalist Ivan Safronov means for Russia at National Interest online ("Moscow, We Have A Problem").


So many of these US commentators howling about murders of journalists in Russia and how no one solves the cases and how terrible Russia is maybe should look at this case in Louisiana where a black politician's family insist he was murdered but the police say its just suicide. Here's the link:
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