Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Working on the Issue

TWR is working hard on getting the next issue of TNI ready -- three basic tracks for this coming issue. America Standing Alone, Democrats Advising the Democratic Congress on Foreign Policy, and Revisiting Iran. Will post some excerpts in the coming weeks.

Look forward to it.

Especially with the news of Israeli back channel negotiations with the Syrians contra wishes from the Administration. And Bush's statements to Russert that he was surprised that anyone interpreted his speech on Iraq which mentioned Iran directly and his sending a CBG, Patriots, an admiral with airstrike specialites as CENTCOM commander and raiding consulates (one on Hakim's land) as having any provactive intent with Iran were reported as fact by Russert. Russert said "there is no evidence the Administration has aggressive intent against Iran".

Apparently, presidential words and actions don't mean what they say or do. At least to an NBC News Bureau Chief.
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