Thursday, December 28, 2006

Roundtable: Negotiating with Rogues?

Today's roundtable is up now in the C-SPAN archives.

The two articles I referenced are now up as well at National Interest online:

The Sanctions, According to Iran (Iran's UN Ambassador Javad Zarif)

On Iran and Energy, According to Russia (Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov)

There was an essay that Octavio Paz wrote about US in which he observed that the Protestant religions in US, which posit a direct relationship & conversation between Man and God, have a lot to do with the US policy & attitude towards Latin America.

He explaiend how the Man-God conversation deafens the North Americans to the dissenting voices of Latin Americans.

The Iranian Ambassdor seems to be alluding to a similar thing in his statements: "The U.S. must come to realize that other countries have interests, have concerns, have anxieties. The U.S. must deal with these anxieties, concerns and interests, and not be concerned with only its own."

Which brings me to the following point: Huntington was correct - we are in a religious war between Protestant Christians (US, UK, Australia) against Sunni Muslims.

This war apparently is at the point of being enlarged - as a matter of conscious choice by US & UK - to include Shia Muslims as well.
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