Wednesday, December 27, 2006

C-SPAN covering magazine roundtable

Tomorrow, on Thursday, from 12:30 to 2 PM EST, C-SPAN is expected to provide live coverage of a roundtable sponsored by The National Interest.

The last roundtable, this past August, examined whether or not the U.S. was a crippled superpower. Carrying on from that theme, this roundtable will examine whether success for the United States in the Middle East and in East Asia requires negotiations and compromises with "rogue regimes" like Iran and North Korea.

What is "success"?
Who defines it?
Is "success" for US tantamount to "failure" for others in ME, say Iran?
I think that we'll have to see what different participants say and how they define matters.
Drastiia Nikolas Gvosdev,

As per the issue at hand here:
One) the United States is in some sense, already negotiating with North
Korea, at least. And, has had pourparlers with Teheran as well in the last couple of years, if not negotiations per se; Two) 'success' is relatively simple to define for the USA, in both instances: Near and Far East, the preventing of either North Korea or Persia from either obtaining nuclear weapons, or retaining them; Three) in both cases, the issue what to negotiate are confused with the issue of how to negotiate, and, the principals of the same; Four) for both sets of negotiations, the current administration appears to be obsessed with the idea of conducting negotiations via intermediaries (in the case of North Korea, the Six power talks, in the case of Persia, first the EU three powers, now the Security Council permanent members plus Deutschland). The reason for this is
quite simple: a) the Bush regime did not at first wish to 'negotiate' with
either power, and, in both instances, it wished for both regimes to self-destruct or implode; b) unfortunately neither power experienced this 'best of all possible solutions', hence, the
American administration faced the unpleasant task of negotiating with a regime, which it would like to see disappear. But, the mere fact of bilateral negotiations by definition imparts a legitimacy and an equality to the other (outlaw) power. Fearing this, the administration insists upon multilateral negotiations for purposes of both spreading the blame if the talks prove fruitless (North Korea), or alternatively, refusing to talk at all directly even with third parties present (Persia).

So, to summarize: the Bush Administration must step back, and analyize its goals in both the Near & Far East. The failure of the USA to focus on the achievable (denuclearization), due to unwillingness to concede the unachievable (regime change), means that in both cases, a stalemate has been reached. Paper sanctions by the Security Council notwithstanding.
The Bush Administration is a criminal regime, with criminal designs, perpetuated through criminal means and not capable of such introspection Charles Giovanni Vanzan Coutinho, Ph.D. It would be nice if America had a leadership that could recognize the cataclysmic mistakes they have made, and hear the voices and know the hearts and minds of the people they are elected to serve, and actually heed the advise of experts, and their fellow Americans, and our military leadership active and retired, - but America was sold compassionate conservatism which quickly shaped shifted in the a fascism.

We are victims of cabals and klans of fascist warmongers and profiteers who have commandeered the government, mangled, perverted, and redefined our core principles, the Constitution, and the rule of law and are attempting to impose the insane, psychotic delusions of the fascist Pax Americana neverendingwar and empire agenda, - and for these shaitans there is no change of course, no introspection, no admission of mistakes - it is "full steam ahead".

The fascist warmongers and profiteers in the Bush government seek, perpetuate, and profit wantonly from war - and war is all America will ever see "full steam ahead" under this criminal regime.

The are not capable of negotiating anything with anyone. In their fascist minds, - they make their own reality, and the concerns or best interests of "focus groups" like the American people are of absolutely ZERO concern.

America must forcibly remove these criminals and fascists or continue suffering the ghoulish consequences, and hazarding and burdening the terrible costs in blood, treasure, and loss of credibility from the Bush government "full steam ahead" agenda of neverendingwar!!!

Deliver us from evil.
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