Thursday, November 02, 2006

Another Modest Georgian Proposal

GAZPROM is going to double the price for Georgia for natural gas. We can expect the usual comments from Western circles.

So why not propose some solutions? Do we want to wean Georgia away from energy dependence on Russia? Enhance the U.S. position in the Caucasus? How about this: U.S. loans and guarantees to develop Azerbaijan's gas fields, construct the infrastructure to ship to Georgia, and credits for Georgia to buy Azeri gas? Azerbaijan gets further income, Georgia gets a gas supply, GAZPROM loses a market ... sorry, I forgot. The U.S. strategy is to get Russia to subsidize the gas.

" The U.S. strategy is to get Russia to subsidize the gas."

And the US strategy of "We get these Soviet successor states to dance to our tune while Russia pays the piper" has failed. The Russian government have learned that we will pocket their gestures and concessions and give vague assurances of our future good will, while consitently backing the most anti-Russian politicians in their neighborhood we can find.

I suspect the Kornet ATGMs sold to Syria that wound up scorching Merkavas are a message that Putin's had enough of our crap.
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