Monday, October 16, 2006

Sri Lanka and "In Praise of Warlords"

I am always amazed at insular Washington types who believe that what happens in one part of the world (or statements made in Washington) have no relevance or impact in geographically disparate regions of the world. You hear this quite often in the Kosovo debate (what happens in Kosovo has no relevance for Somaliand or Kurdistan).

This article from Dayan Jayatilleka in the Asian Tribune is quite interesting for demonstrating the point I made earlier today about the spread of English and the internet: it places the Sri Lankan conflict in the context of what was done in Russia and then applies the analysis given by Alexis Debat and John Hulsman in the summer issue to a way forward.

I realize that for some this source is not an objective one (see the entry for "Asian Tribune"); my point in posting is not to become involved in assessing its objectivity but more to make the point about how information circulates.

Nick, another example is how this Belgian site took Ximena Ortiz's commentary on George W.

They reprinted the English text and have a French commentary around it.
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