Friday, February 24, 2006

End of the Week--Post Modernism, Debates on Russia, Iraq and Sovereignty

The Financial Times on its front cover has a box quote from Moqtada Al-Sadr commenting on the recent devastation in Iraq: "If the government had real sovereignty, nothing like this would have happened."

Bob Tucker and David Hendrickson were concerned about the neither-fish-nor-fowl situation in Iraq, where on the one hand we want Iraqis to take on more of the burdens of regulating life in the country but at the same time we want to continue to be able to guide and influence developments and be able to intervene. I don't know whether the destruction of the Samarra mosque is the tipping point where we have to decide whether to essentially go back and begin to remake Iraq from the ground up--certainly no enthusiasm for such a project here in the Untied States--essentially along the proposals John Paul Vann had for Vietnam; or we begin to wash our hands and say it is not the job of the U.S. to prevent a civil war. The Seattle Times has this to say: "Iraq's political leaders and U.S.-led forces can shut down the country for a time and reduce the violence by flooding the streets with checkpoints and soldiers. But few doubt who really holds the cards.

"If the religious leaders decided to go all the way to a civil war they could, in no time," said Hassan Bazzaz, a political scientist at Baghdad University. "And if they really wanted to stop it, they could. The religious leaders are the ones who have the real power."" But we've been uncomfortable in dealing with the religious figures--a point that Amitai Etzioni discusses in a forthcoming TNI piece in the spring issue.


Nicolai Petro and Mischa Gabowitsch debate what is happening with media freedom, stabilization in Chechnya, and the future of democracy in Russia at Open Democracy. A useful debate because both are interested in what's actually happening in Russia rather than advancing a Washington agenda.


The Stiftung Leo Strauss, in looking at the debates on U.S. foreign policy, raises the following:

... Katrina, Iraq, etc. are not mere crises of 'competence' but emblematic of Post Modern Power. ...

The question of the Administration, American Power and 'what comes after' is beyond the current confines of a debate by the Usual and Aspiring Suspects. A Post Modern agenda with its priority on psychological dominance and control of belief systems — the life blood for irrationality, romance and myth — is wholly apart from the experience of either Realism (such as it is) or even Neoconservatism.

So we pose the questions again — 'Can American succeed as a Post Modern Power?' 'And at what cost?' 'And can we recover?'

The Guardian also highlights the retreat of the secular politicians:

The Americans have also sought to promote secular politicians - but with limited success. Washington's initial choice to replace Saddam, secular Shiite politician Ahmad Chalabi, failed to win a seat in the Dec. 15 parliamentary election.

The U.S. choice as interim prime minister in 2004, Ayad Allawi, has fared better, but his secular-minded party won only 25 seats of the 275 parliamentary seats in December - compared to 130 captured by the religious Shiite parties.
This comment - ("A Post Modern agenda with its priority on psychological dominance and control of belief systems — the life blood for irrationality, romance and myth" is revealing and chilling.

"Psychological dominance"?
"Control of belief systems"?

You mean like project Monarch, or MKULTRA, or PAPERCLIP, or GLADIO, - you mean like the apparat, and the information domination, slime, propaganda, and perception management disinformation warfare operations?

You mean like mind control?
You mean like Manchurian candidates or the trance formation of America?

And who or what exactly are these Post Modern Agenda leaders?

You mean the World Bank, the Trilateral Commission, the OTO, the Order of the Nine Angels, the Olympians, or what Indira Sing arcurately terms the "Bush crime family cabals?"

Because from my pedestrian perspective - I would not put anything past or beyond the depravity of the fascist warmongers, profiteers, and incompetent chickenhawks in the Bush government.

The problem with questions like - "'Can American succeed as a Post Modern Power?' 'And at what cost?' 'And can we recover?'" - is that it presumes an America beholden to the constitution, an America that honors and defends noble principles, and certain inaleanble rightss, an America governed by elected representatives sworn to honor and abide by the laws of the land, and rule of law, advancing and promoting the peoples best interest and the general welfare. An America where our elected leaders sworn to uphold our Constitution are accoutable to the people, an America where the people have the right to petition the government for redress of grievances?!

We do not live in that America.

That is "old America", perhaps never perfect, but certainly rooted in some basis of law and abiding respect for the Constitution.

Old America is dead?

Old America is being killed, dismembered, and re-engineered by fascist cabals, of warmonger, profiteers, incompetent chickenhawks, rapturist fanatics in or beholden to the Bush government who are pathologically bent on neverendingwar, dominating the planet with the terrible swift sword of America's hypersuperior brilliant weapons, and militarily imposing a New World Order, with the fascist wamongers, profiteers, incompetent chickenhawks, and rapturist fanatics reigning dominant and supreme over all the earth and man.

The America (American government) we must all hazard and burden now is ruthlessly predatory, deceptive, manipulative, corporatist, supremist, imperialist, and, fascist.

In the America we must all hazard and burden today, the people have NO REAL representation, and NO REAL voice, and fewer freedoms, protections, privileges, and rights,.

America today is a government where the people cannot petition the government for redress of grievances, dissent, or assemble peacefully - where every and any voice of oppostion or questioning of the government is robopathically slimed, diabolized, dismissed, or silenced, -
where the select fascist cabals in the government and industry break the laws repeatedly and insistantly, - where select cronies of the fascists warmongers, profiteers, incompetent chickenhawks, and rapturist fanatics operating in secret cabals, beyond the purview of the people and/or the political or judicial systems systemically maraud the public treasure, betray the public trust, and conjure, usurp and impose heretofore unrecognized powers and authorities to dictate, advance, and execute abusive, deceptive, offensive, partisan, failing policies and machinations without disclosure, accounting, review, recourse or remedy, - where select cabals of fascist warmongers, profiteers, incompetent chickenhawks, and rapturist fanatics within or beholden to the Bush government invent powers and issue proclamations of infallibility and Kings rights to operate above, beyond, outside, and in total disdain for the law of the land, the rule of law, the best interest of the American people, and the core principles that formally defined our more perfect union.

So in answer to your final question - and in the realistic context of the fascist warmongers, profiteers, and incompetent chickenhawks, - (not too mention satanic -Temple of Set, Order of the Nine, Finders, shaitans, shades, and iblis) in the Bush government totalitarian dictatorship - commandeering America - - - the obvious answers are

No - the freakish and monsterous mutation of America cannot and will not succeed.

Tragically the costs however - will be exceedingly enormous and bloody, - epic - biblical in proportion and primarily impacting the people, and actually benefiting or profiting the fascist warmongers, profiteers, and incompetent chickenhawks in the Bush goverment financially.

And finally - lets hope so - because if America (America's government) does not recover some meager glimmer of sanity, integrity, credibility, honor, compassion, and respect for life and the rule of law - America (the entire nation) will actually deserve what ever fiery pit and hell the fascist warmongers, profiteers, and incompetent chickenhawks in the Bush government hurl us into.

"Deliver us from evil."
Bush says civil war is not inevitable, I think he is a day late and a dollar short, unless he is watching this on T-Vo, he should know civil war has already occured.
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