Monday, January 02, 2006

Follow-up in the blogosphere?

Greg Djerejian has an interesting point in his New Year's entry over at Belgravia Dispatch:

"It's often the nature of the blogosphere that we get all in a tizzy over some major issue of the day (Brownie & Katrina! Eurabian Intifada on the Seine! Fitzmas Came Early!) only to (overly?) quickly move on to the Next Big Thing ..."

He actually follows up on what has happened in France since the riots -- well worth reading.

thx nick. actually this was really more of a 'quick and dirty' on the state of france a couple months post-peak rioting (mostly relying on vinocur quotes), but i appreciate the link regardless. happy new year to you and yours.


p.s. note proper spelling of my far too complicated last name is djerejian, not djejerian. this one sure is tougher than gvosdev, isn't it?
Thought the spelling didn't look right when I re-read; will correct right now.
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