Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A First Test of "Compartmentalizaton"?

Two Indian and six Chinese firms are being placed under sanctions by the Bush Administration for "selling Iran hardware or ingredients for weapons of mass destruction", in keeping with the provisions of the Iran Nonproliferation Act.

On December 15, we had an event at the Center (covered in this post of TWR), where the point was raised that both Beijing and New Delhi are seeking to "compartmentalize" their relations with the United States and with Iran. The test is going to be whether the United States will then sanction other companies that do business with these firms--and what about the future of the U.S.-India nuclear deal--something that Robert Einhorn raises in his essay in the Winter 2005/06 issue of The National Interest? My guess is that certain firms in both India and China will take on the "Iran account" and others will liaise with the U.S.--and, of course, the "Iran account" firms will continue to do business with other firms that are not servicing the "Iran account"--and both India and China will put the onus on Washington to try and sanction adidtional firms.

We ran into the same problem in the 1970s and 1980s--European and Japanese firms buying high tech from us and reselling to East Bloc countries. Or you have what Russians do today-third party exporting to other countries like Belarus or Armenia and then re-exporting to Sudan or Guinea or Iran.

We haven't been able to stop Russian trade with Iran because we aren't willing to go to the mat with Moscow, so I doubt we'll do the same with the Chinese or the Indians.
Our leadership, delirous with ill-gotten power and drunk on the bloodsoaked ravages and riches of warmaking mistakenly and falsely imagines in their closed and secret cabals - that the rest of the world will sit idle and pliant in face of American hegemony and the Bush government totalitarian dictatorship.

This tyranical insanity is born in the malignant slurry of supremist and fascist ideologies, religious fanaticsm, financial malfeasance excessive wealth, and unchecked political power of a leadership run amock.

History may be suppressed, morphed, mangled, retarded and/or revised by the Bush governments disinformation warriors, and tragically the "sheeple" may obediantly follow the wolves mindlessly to the slaughter, - but history cannot be erased - nor will intelligent minds or great nations of the world tolerate the fascist machinations of madmen and tyrants unchecked and/or uncontested.

History is strewn with the rubble, ruin, and gore of empires risen and crumbled under crushing weight of internal delusions, perversions, depravities, and malignancies, and America's dark night, and the end of another predatory empire will be no different.

There will be a reckoning. A global realignment, or alteration of alliances will naturally evolve and take form countering the fascist designs and supremist ambitions of the Bush government totalitarian dictatorship and the perverted delusions and designs of the Pax Americana neverendingwar and empire agenda.

Other nations will join arms, rise and endeavor to strike at the heart of the beast by any means possible and smote off the dragons head.

The great nations of the world will not bow so easily or sheepishly to American hegemony, or to the Bush governments military empire, and/or to the ruthless marauding and domination the worlds vital natural or financial resources, or the fascist conjurings of warmongers and profiteers in, or beholden to the Bush government totalitarian dictatorship.

We see these machinations underway already with Iran, China, India, Russia, and quite likely the new Iraq, intermingling and interpenetrating with old and new Europe, Central and South America, South and East Asia, North and South Africa, Pakistan, and of course the blood drenched nations of the turbulent Middle east, - all the worlds nations will be forced to negotiate the new delicate terms and alliances necessary to counter and ultimately defeat American hegemony.

The terrible swift sword of America's hypersuperior military and deep blackworld caverns of brilliant and otherwordly weapons provides an ephemeral momentary hedge the facsist in the Bush government are attempting to ruthlessly exploit, - but there are many ways to skin a cat, technology is fluid, and the rest of the world is now examining many of those diverse and stealthy ways to confront, oppose, ultimately defeat the New World Order perversions of the Bush government.

The same righteous determnation and ferocity unleashed through-out history on all the worlds viscious tyrants and brutal empires will eventually be uncorked and directed toward the fascist Bush government totalitarian dictatorship and by proxy America.
There is another, much more serious compartmentalization going on. While we are hammering away at Iran's nuclear shenanigans, we have left every stone unturned in shutting down the A. Q. Khan nuclear proliferation network. Pakistani nuclear scientists provided nuclear designs to Iran itself, Libya, North Korea and other nations, perhaps even Saudi Arabia, and some were close to Al Qaeda and related Pakistani terrorist groups. This was, and is, the most serious international security threat. That threat is real, and in real time, not some future threat like that of Iran, or an exaggerated threat that Saddam was.

In many ways, the compartmentalization is analogous to "democracy", a distraction from a more serious, unresolved problem. It is interesting to see the media allow itself to get distracted time and again.

Ultimately, such compartmentalization, because it tends to hide and put off dealing with serious issues, is only likely to hurt, not help American power.
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